Ole Miss Local Section


Tue. 1/18 11:30 AM Executive Committee Meeting
Tue. 2/8 6:45 PM Social Meeting

Come enjoy a social hour and get to know your fellow ACS members at IRIE on the Square!!!

Tue. 3/8 6:00 PM Meeting with Lecture

Come here a lecture about how to brew beer at home!

Thu. 4/28 6:00 PM Annual Awards Banquet

KeyNote Speaker: Dr. Chao-Ping Hsu (Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan)

Location: TBA

Tue. 5/17 11:30 AM Executive Officers Meetings
Thu. 8/25 5:00 PM Back to School Picnic

Back to School Barbeque Cookout for Current and Future Chemistry Majorsand Pre-Med Students!

Tue. 9/13 6:30 PM Social Meeting

Come to Irie, enjoy some appetizers and drink specials, and hang out with the local section!

Tue. 9/27 5:30 PM "Pathway to Medical School" Seminar

The seminar is given by Dr. Steven T. Case, UMMC Associate Dean for Medical School Admissions

Mon. 10/10 5:30 PM "Where ChemistryMeets the Law: Alternative Careers for Chemistry Majors" Seminar

This seminar is presented by Brian Trinque, Lathrop & Gage, Boston, MA

Tue. 10/18 5:00 PM Choosing and Applying to Graduate School Seminar

This seminar is presented by Dr. Maurice Eftink, UM Associate Provost

Mon. 11/14 5:30 PM "Fascinating Facets of Chemistry" Seminar

This seminar is presented by Dr. Ariel Fenster, McGill University

Tue. 2/7 5:00 PM Choosing the Best Major for Medical School
Thu. 2/16 5:30 PM "Lab Coats and Other Fashion Statements" Seminar

This seminar is presented by Comedian & Scientist Dr. Pete Ludovice, GeorgiaTech

Sat. 3/24 11:00 AM Chemistry Olympiad
Sat. 3/31
Sun. 4/1
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
ACS Student Leadership Retreat
Tue. 4/3 5:00 PM Show Me the Chemistry by Al Hazari
Thu. 4/19 5:00 PM ACS Corporation Associates with Dr. Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier
Thu. 4/26 6:00 PM ACS Awards Banquet with Dr. William Carroll

Dr. William Carroll is the past president of the ACS.

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